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11.11.11 – a day for diabetes awareness

Did you realise that today is 11.11.11? And at 11.11am it will be 11.11 on 11.11.11! Amazing…

As part of National Diabetes Month, 11.11.11 is a day for diabetes awareness. What does this mean? It’s a day for those with diabetes to share what it’s like to be diabetic, and those without to find out more about the condition.

Here are some great ideas from (find out more here!)

The idea is to take a photo (on your camera or phone) or shoot some video that reflects what diabetes is like for you:

•    Diabetes products – meter, pump, pens and other miscellany
•    You wearing blue – the 11th falls on a Friday, so what better way to capture the moment being dressed in blue
•    Your friends and family, those ones that you count on for support
•    Care givers if applicable, perhaps taken with a member of your health care team
•    A message, what having diabetes means to you { Positives encouraged  }
•    A message to those that don’t have Diabetes
•    A message to those that do have Diabetes

Let’s all join together to create a picture of diabetes across the world!

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One Comment

  1. Hi guys

    Thanks for sharing the Project #Diabetes111111 article. Appreciate it and hoping that you can take part by submitting a image today!

    Regards, Mike

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