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When to check blood sugar?


My granddaughter who has Type 1 diabetes is going with us for 2 weeks to Mauritius by boat.
I am very unsure how to keep her blood sugar between 4 and 10.
My question is: how long after meals should I check that her blood sugar is not above 10?
Any other tips?

Thank you!
– Hester


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  1. Richard Richard

    Nice one, Hester!

    Post-meal readings (also referred to as post prandial readings) should be taken 2 hours after a meal to be indicative of the total effect that meal has had on a T1 diabetic’s glycaemic levels.

    Sooner that 2 hours and there is a risk that the glucose level is still climbing.

    Other tips – keep some sweets nearby if its an active holiday. I speak from experience when I say that there is very little worse than having a good swim or beach walk ruined by going hypo. She will thank you for it – just try not to eat them yourself!

    Hope that helps

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