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What vitamins should diabetics take?

Hi there,

I am a Type 1 diabetic and have just read your Sweet Life magazine issue 2 (very informative indeed) and see that there are all sorts of tablets available for heart, etc

As I am already taking medication for thyroid, cholesterol, depression, and diabetes, how does one know which vitamins etc to take?

Please advise me accordingly,

– Karen Segers

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  1. Denise Denise

    I have been a Diabetic from 2000 and I was told that it was a stress related one.
    I lost my father and brother and brother in-law with in two months apart from one another.
    is it true that that can trigger it off?
    I am now on Medication and insulin but it is controlled with an eating plan,(Weigh-Less)
    very good mu sugars have been between 4-6
    thank you for the info that you put on f/b it helps alot.

    • Priscilla Priscilla


      I think stress does contribute towards diabetes. I lost my sister, mum and nephew in 10 months(nephew & mum within a week from each other) and a year later found that I was a diabetic and suffering with hypertension.

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