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Type 1 diabetic going through puberty


My son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes about a year and a half ago.  His HbA1c hasn’t been great for the last few months – sitting on about 8. We seem to do everything “right” but for reasons we cannot understand we go through days with sugar levels that just won’t come down.

I now think that he is often injecting into scar tissue… He uses pretty much the same area to inject. I think he is finding it hard to inject anywhere else as it is a bit painful (he had a slight phobia of needles before being diagnosed). He is now 12 years old and is going through puberty so his body is changing and will need more insulin.

Any advice?? I’m feeling a little helpless at the moment.

We see his doctor every 3 months, but does anyone know of a nurse in the Fourways Johannesburg area who deals with Type 1 diabetics who we can perhaps see monthly to check his readings and perhaps guide us on eating, etc.

Thank you so much.
Warm Regards
– Candice

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  1. Kimberley Graham Kimberley Graham

    Jen Whittall is in Beyanston

  2. Hi Candice
    You are quite spot-on with your own findings concerning your son of 12. I f he is currently injecting into the stomach, challenge him in injecting into the upper outer thigh. He should try to do this fast (like throwing a dart – playful challenging..). When I changed my technique from a slow approach to the dart action, I never looked back. Just take note that the legs are active and blood glucose levels might drop faster than expected, especially if you are correct with your diagnosis of him injecting into scarred tissue.
    Kindest regards

    • Candice Candice

      Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help. 🙂

  3. Jocelyn Jocelyn

    Hi Candice,
    My son was diagnosed at 13 he is now 18, was pretty much the same for us, my son was also petrified of needles but he got used to it, He injects long acting insulin in his thigh as he says it burns too much in his stomach but never short acting insulin in his thigh as that drops his blood sugar to fast, short acting in the stomach he also tends to go in one spot but soon realizes he must move around there is definitely more tender spots, his endocrinologist always checks his injection sites and suggests where he should inject, shame its so stressful, going through puberty you are going to struggle with his sugar levels, also make sure if he gets sick and goes to your GP that they never prescribe any form of cortisone we had a dr make that mistake it took ages to get his blood sugar levels under control again, hope this helps, take care Jocelyn

    • Candice Candice

      Thank you SO much Jocelyn, I really appreciate your suggestions and advice. xxx

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