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Type 1 diabetes tips

This month, we welcome a new member to our Panel of Experts – Dr. Claudine Lee, a GP from Hilton in KZN with a special interest in Type 1 diabetes. Find out more about her (as well as the rest of the experts) here.

Here are a few tips from Dr. Lee on how to manage diabetes well – and what advantages insulin pump therapy offers. Let us know if you have any questions for her!

Top tips for Type 1 diabetes good blood sugar control :

  1. Regular exercise – one sure way to keep things controlled (it must be a way of life).
  2. Correct food choices in terms of carbs, especially portion size and dosing correctly to “mop up” the carbs without any lows.
  3. Knowing if you are more sensitive to insulin in the morning or evening and adjusting your dose in connection with that.
  4. Knowing your numbers and testing, if you don’t know where your sugar is at you can’t respond to it.
  5. Being on the correct insulin to match your lifestyle/meals/exercise.

Advantages of insulin pump therapy:

  1. Getting rid of hypoglycemia (lows) especially bad lows.
  2. One prick every 3 days.
  3. Basal rate of insulin matched specifically to you, less insulin used (thus better weight control).
  4. Bolusing for meals is extremely simple and aided to control sugars exactly.
  5. Better control = better wellbeing generally.
  6. For the young: you can decide impromptu to stay over at a friend/function as all you have for the next 3 days for your diabetes is on your person.
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  1. Pam Jurgens Pam Jurgens

    Good evening I am looking for support groups in Cape Town, if possible Century City, for adult Type 1 Diabetics.
    Thank you

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