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Type 1 diabetes dizziness

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 on 12 February 2007, I’ve been able so manage it quite well over the years but recently started developing problems like joint pains and heart problems but having treatment for the heart, my biggest concern is that my blood test and blood pressure is all normal but when I stand up or even walk short distances I get so dizzy and sometimes even faint.

It happens every time I get up and even when I just get up and walk around in the house. When I’m at work I just try and cope with it but it gets so bad that some days I can’t even get out of bed without support…

Any advice?

– Eugene

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  1. Barry Barry

    Hi Eugene
    I am a type 2 diabetic….diagnosed in 2005.

    I have tried all the meds and potions and organic remedy’s and am currently on 4 x 500mg Metformin and one small gylcomin tab every day.

    I am a scientist and I apply science to every aspect of my life and I find the most beneficial course of action is as follows:

    1) Start a ‘small’ daily excercise program on your lounge floor. Our program, (my wife has joined in even though she is not a diabetic, however she has seen my results), literally only takes us ten minutes each, to complete. I concentrate on my trunk muscles and joint muscles.

    The excercises are non load bearing ie. all excercises are performed lying on the floor or on your knees.
    I have designed the program to free up the joints – shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, as well as strengthen lower back and tummy muscles.

    Before, if I watched tv for an hour, I would battle to get up. Once up, I had to stand still and shake my legs to loosen up before I could walk comfortably.

    Now, after two months of this excercise program, I jump out of my chair and my back pain has almost gone. I walk much easier and can stand on my feet for longer. After the third month we will progress to a treadmill and take a slow 5min walk everyday.

    We have more energy, feel stronger, sleep much better and we both have experienced a sense of improved general wellbeing.

    Should you want the program just email me….however….I am not a doctor and before you attempt any form of excercise…consult a doctor first


    Barry Sahd

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