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Obesity study in SA

We just got sent this appeal that we thought you – the South African diabetes community – would like to know about…  It’s all about obesity in South Africa. What do you think? Want to get involved?

Obesity in South Africa

Healthy Living Alliance (HEALA) is an alliance of like-minded organisations with a mission to improve the health of an increasingly obese South Africa, compelled by the constitutional right that says that everyone  should have access to clean drinking water and sufficient healthy food. We are deeply concerned about our obesity in South Africa.

For our obesity prevention campaign, we are looking for people who have suffered severe complications from diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke who are willing to share their stories with us.

The sort of complications we have identified are; blindness, amputation, stroke or being on dialysis.

The purpose of this is to create awareness about the seriousness of non-communicable diseases, and the importance of making lifestyle changes to prevent complications. We’re hoping to find individuals who would like to share their stories in order to help others.

We would like to hear from YOU!

Check out our website at or write to us at

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