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Is skipping meals bad for diabetics?

Hi there,

I am a Type 2 diabetic and am on medication.Sometimes when I am busy working I miss my lunch and about 3pm I check my blood glucose and find that it is around 6.4 whereas if I had eaten a low GI sandwich it would make my blood glucose about 7.3

Is it wrong to miss a meal?

– Lou Corbitt

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  1. From Facebook (Diabetic South Africans):

    Yes it bad. Even nibbling on Provitas stabilises your sugar levels. Up and down is bad for other organs in your body. I nibble something every 4 hours even a carrot or a green salad

    – Sindiswa Shayi Dondolo Lingela

  2. Being a type 2 diabetic I checked my blood glucose level and found it to be 8.0 A friend in my company informed me that a shot of whisky and water would make the glucose level drop.
    As it was 4:30 pm I decided to give it a try,and after about 20 minutes I took another reading and the reading had dropped to 7.1
    Is this the type of alcohol I should be drinking?

    • Hi there,
      Alcohol is certainly not a replacement for insulin and shouldn’t be used to make your blood sugar go down. But if you are going to drink, whisky and water is a good choice as it has comparatively fewer carbs than other drinks, and water is the best mixer around!

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