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How to order sensors on the Discovery CGM Benefit

Are you on Discovery? Do you know how to order sensors on the Discovery CGM Benefit, that applies to all members with Type 1 diabetes? You can find the 2023 updates here.

discovery cgm benefit updates

Easier ordering through CDE Online

All people with Type 1 diabetes on Discovery Health get the CGM Benefit – here are the details, with a breakdown of exactly how much it will cost you for a FreeStyle Libre, or other CGM device.

There are two important steps to follow, to ensure you get the benefit easily and quickly:

  1. Get a prescription from your diabetes specialist.
  2. Order through CDE, M-Kem or Pharmacy Direct.

We know there have been some teething problems with both steps, which is why we’re so happy to announce that you can now place your orders online through CDE Online – making it much easier to get your monthly CGM Benefit.

Step-by-step claiming on the Discovery CGM Benefit

You can now order your FreeStyle Libre or other CGM online. Here’s how to do it:

cde online
  • Click on the FreeStyle Libre button.
claim discovery cgm benefit from medical aid
  • Choose the sensor and click on ‘Submit through Medical Aid’.
freestyle libre
  • Click on ‘Medical Aid Basket’
  • Login or sign up.
medical aid submission
  • Fill in your contact and delivery details, as well as your medical aid details, and click ‘Place Quote’.
  • You will receive quote confirmation details. If there is no co-payment required, the quote will be converted into an order right away. If there is a co-payment required, you will receive an email with payment details. After payment has been made, your quote will be converted to an order.
discovery cgm benefit medical aid submission success
  • Then your CGM will be dispatched – quick and simple!

Are you using the Discovery CGM Benefit?

The other update about the Discovery CGM Benefit is that it’s not necessarily a benefit forever. Discovery told us that they would assess the situation after a year, and see if the clinical benefits of CGM were visible in their patients.

The problem, of course, is that you only get the benefits of CGM from using it consistently – month in and month out. It’s not something that works if you just use it for a few weeks and then ignore it for the next few weeks or months.

If you’re on Discovery and not using the benefit, we want to know why! Please tell us, either by commenting below or by emailing us. We will happily keep your responses anonymous, we just want to ensure we see the full picture.

Not on Discovery and still want a CGM Benefit?

For those not on Discovery, we see you! A number of you have been reaching out to your medical aids to ask for meetings with the decision makers to put forward the case for CGM or flash glucose monitor devices for Type 1 diabetics. If you want to speak up for members with diabetes on your medical aid, please join SA Diabetes Advocacy! Together, we can make a difference.

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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  1. 4shawdoug 4shawdoug

    I have recently been using the Libre. An absolute game changer no doubt! My sugars are way more manageable and it removes the “guesswork”. BUT… its still very unaffordable for most and even less so if you are not on a Discovery plan. I really hope in the near future these will become almost “standard issue” as we know that most complications stem from bad control. If these devices help 30% of people that use them, to drop 2% on their HBA’s, I honestly feel that would lessen so many burdens on families and even medical schemes since many more would be living healthy with diabetes… Don’t quote me on my math, but it doesn’t take an Albert to figure out healthier people means less expenses, burden and strain on medical schemes all round

    • Agreed 100%! It makes such a profound difference. We’ve been working with SA Diabetes Advocacy ( to get to medical aids, and state care is next. Very happy for you to join the movement if you’re interested! Please message SA Diabetes Advocacy to get involved 🙂

  2. Deanna Deanna

    I so desperately would like to get the CGM. And while I am grateful that Discovery is paying a portion of it I am still unable to afford the R780 monthly co-payment as it’s been a tough year financially.
    Not only would it help me have better control of my diabetes on a daily basis but with Covid I would like to be in a better place health wise so no unnecessary complications could arise.
    I hope that going forward Discovery would pay for it entirely or at the very least make to co-payment more affordable.
    Or perhaps with more people using the CCM the price would drop.
    Do you think this would be possible in the future?
    Also does Libra offer any discounts?

    • Hi Deanna! Thanks so much for your comment – we are working hard to get the co-pay dropped for 2022. Watch this space!

  3. Christine Christine

    Why not available for type 2′?

    • At the moment it hasn’t been approved for Type 2s by Discovery, but some Type 2s on insulin have had luck motivating for it.

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