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How to deal with high blood sugar in the morning?

If your morning blood sugar is too high, to adjust your medication and consult your doctor would be good. It is possible that your evening dose is too low.

Alternatively, watch what you eat for supper, and make sure that your 10pm snack is correct. To get rid of that ‘hangover’ feeling, drink lots of water!!! Alternatively, I’ve learnt that if you drink diet Coke it also brings down your sugar quickly. But don’t do it too often. Stay away from bread, especially white, rather eat Albany’s best of both, it has low GI. Also, make sure that when you eat potatoes the previous evening that they are not small or large potatoes, buy the medium sized ones, for some reason, the energy / sugar content is different, and the GI is better. Also if you are going to eat mielie meal “pap en wors” for example, allow your ‘pap’ to cool down first, then reheat, it changes the molecular structure of the ‘pap’ which in turn will not make your sugar fluctuate so much.

If you need any advice etc. please do not hesitate to contact me, I had two boys while diabetic, so there is very little about diabetes that I do NOT know. Blessings to you all, there is hope, have faith!

Hope this helps xxx

– Natasha Boucher

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One Comment

  1. Maryann Rogerson Maryann Rogerson

    Really useful stuff here Natasha … I control everything except my morning sugar … never under 6 and my doc says it should be … don’t usually have a late snack and wouldn’t be sure what to have …. I eat no flour products and enjoy my breakfast porridge.
    I have just been told to take 3 Metformin at night but wasn’t too happy to have to increase this but will try it …. thanks again on info .. any suggestion re the snack would be helpful … 🙂
    Maryann Rogerson (( Hugs ))

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