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Diabetes and sexual health

Hi there,

I have Type 2 diabetes. This has an adverse effect on my sexual health, and although my wife understands the situation, it bothers me.

Is there anything you can advise – medication, herbs, intravenous etc etc? I would appreciate it.

Thank you,

– Abey

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  1. Bradley Smith Bradley Smith

    Abey, I have the same problem, you need to try Mens Health Clinics countrywide and they support males with Diabetes.
    Good luck – it will work.
    – Bradley

  2. Thea van Aarle Thea van Aarle

    Hi All

    My husband also has the same problem and would like a positive response from someone.


  3. Michael Park Michael Park

    Hi there.

    On reading your post, one is tempted to say that you should just go to a sex shop and ask the people there what would help to solve the problem. If one were a tad more sophisticated, perhaps, one would suggest seeing a specialist eurologist about the matter.

    The fact of the matter is that we are not made to live on earth for ever and as we get older, or as we develop disease conditions, we are going to lose certain things in life. The ability to have a fulfilled sex life as one might have known before, could indeed be one of those casulties. If the problem is a permanent one, that loss must indeed be grieved appropriately.

    You mentioned that your wife empathises with you. That tells me that she is being supportive of you and I feel that accepting that support and communicating that acceptance, is vitally important for her as well.

    Women are wired differently from us. Having been married for 22 years myself, I can do nothing else but to endorse that sentiment. 22 years ago, I thought I do not understand women, but today I know that I don’t.

    Jokes aside, though, it is important for a woman to be reassured of a lot of things on an ongoing basis. She needs to know that you love her. She needs to know that you accept and appreciate her understanding and that she too, is much appreciated. Women also specially need to feel that they are being accepted and appreciated for who they are and not just for what one can get from them.

    A man was once counselled by a very wise counsellor concerning the very same issue. The counsellor suggested for the man’s consideration, that they as a couple should just enjoy being together and appreciating each other.

    There are doubtlessly all sorts of work-arounds for this kind of problem, but I feel that you might consider not only discussing the problem, but that as a couple together, you try to give consideration to possible solutions, depending on whether the problem is temporary or permanent.

    It is a known fact that diabetes does have an impact on sexual performance, but I also believe that the diabetic side need not necessarily be permanent. There could be a host of other reasons as well, of which you may be totally oblivious, hence the fact that I am loathe to suggest paying a visit to your nearest sex shop as a quick fix to the problem.

    I feel that a wise move in this case might be for both of you to go and se your doctor. Your wife is as much part of the process as you are. Depending on the outcome of the doctor’s visit, you might ask for a referal to a eurologist to see what they can offer.

    Hope this helps.

  4. lucia lucia

    Hey u all I dnt ave any prob yet bt I jst wot 2 knw if the thngs we takeing cn b a prob

  5. Krish Cullen Krish Cullen

    Do you exercise?
    Also meditation – this you need to seek a professional person to guide you. As over this media it is difficult.
    – Krish

  6. Fiona Fiona

    Hi Everyone,

    One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when dealing with sexual difficulties in Diabetes is finding someone to help you. If you are experiencing a degree of erectile disfunction or lessened libido I urge you to talk to your Diabetes specialist or Diabetes Educator . This is a common problem and should be part of your routine discussion when seeing your health care team. There are medications , injections and devices that can certainly help in this area and the first part of choosing one of these options is identifying what the actual problem is.
    We do know that prolonged poor glycaemic control can impact on the health of the nerves and circulation and this in turn may affect the quality , duration and enjoyment of each sexual encounter. It is best to not rely on over the counter solutions for this as some may cause complications or not work at all and this often has a negative emotional impact too.

    Try to keep your glucose levels at the rest level posible as this can assist too!

  7. Rachel Rachel

    Hi Everyone
    My husband shows all symptoms mentioned. I have a challenge as I find it difficult to bring it to his attention that the symptoms are diabetes related. This impacts on our sex life. He is 48 and I am 47 and we recently got married. How do I go about bringing the issue to his attention in a considerate manner.
    I love my husband very much and would like to help him before the situation spirals out of control.
    Exercise four to five times a week.
    Is there anyway I can help him without denting his ego.


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