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Carb counting and diabetes: let’s get specific

In Sweet Life magazine no 1, which I found very interesting, thank you, there is an article entitled “what is carbohydrate counting?” However I read the article hoping that I would find something that actually tells you more specifically what foods to eat. This one simply lists 36 kinds of foods and tells you that most foods contain carbohydrates!!

I would like to see interesting comparisons like should we eat sweetcorn or preferably white mealies?

Is honey healthier on your crumpets than syrup or are pancakes just taboo?

Is popcorn unhealthy because of its oil?

Can I cheat by having 4 ricecakes with cream cheese and putting syrup on?

Please advise!

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One Comment

  1. Lyn Starck Lyn Starck

    Dear Colin
    Carb counting allows people to estimate fairly accurately the insulin dose needed for the amount of carbs also allows substition of foods.The dietitian can assist in teaching these skills,but Accucheck have an excellent booklet on the different exchanges of carbs and substitution
    Good Luck
    Lyn Starck

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