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And the diabetic cookbook winners are…

In issue 2 of Sweet Life magazine we reviewed two fantastic diabetic cookbooks (see below) and we were flooded with competition entries from people wanting to win a copy of either South African Cookbook for Diabetes and Insulin Resistance 1 by Hilda Lategan, or Fast Food for Sustained Energy by Gabi Steenkamp and Celynn Erasmus.

The randomly selected lucky winners are….

South African Cookbook for Diabetes and Insulin Resistance 1:

1. Riva Merskey
2. H. Raghubir
3. DB van der Merwe

Fast Food for Sustained Energy:
1. Benita Brown
2. Vanida Rajh-Gopaul
3. Ivan Moonsamy

If you didn’t win a book this time, don’t worry – we have more amazing books to give away in issue 3 of Sweet Life, which you’ll get (if you signed up) in the next few weeks…

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  1. Melissa Melissa

    Nex time 🙁

  2. Hi team,just wondering who were the winners of the book give a way in the third edition of Sweet Life.? One book was about how to tie various knots.
    Lou Corbitt

    • Our publisher is choosing them as we speak!

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