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If you want to get all the latest articles, advice and news about diabetes in South Africa, there are three ways to stay connected to Sweet Life: our free diabetes newsletter, our free daily diabetes emails, and our Facebook page.

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1. Sign up for our free diabetes newsletter

Once a month, we send out an email with all the most exciting diabetes information, news and competitions. It’s the one newsletter everyone with diabetes in South Africa should be reading. You can expect interesting articles, competitions, helpful tips and advice on how to live a happy, healthy life with diabetes.

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A few times a week, we publish articles and advice from our team of experts about living with diabetes. Everything from diabetes diet advice to weight loss tips, guides and updates. We also have articles straight from our community members, telling us what life with diabetes is like for them. Here’s what our community blog looks like.

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3. Join our Facebook community: Diabetic South Africans

Diabetic South Africans is South Africa’s largest online diabetes community. Join us for daily motivation and a chance to connect with other people with diabetes.

Life is so busy that it’s easy to forget to stay up to date with diabetes information. But we’ve found that gentle reminders – once a month, once a week – on how to eat the right things and look after yourself with diabetes can make all the difference. We’re all in this together.