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Free diabetes information

If you want to get all the latest articles, advice and news about diabetes in South Africa, there are three ways to stay connected to Sweet Life: our free diabetes newsletter, our free daily diabetes emails, and our Facebook page.

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Life is so busy that it’s easy to forget to stay up to date with diabetes information. But we’ve found that gentle reminders – once a month, once a week – on how to eat the right things and look after yourself with diabetes can make all the difference. We’re all in this together.


  1. Nicolaas Germishuizen Nicolaas Germishuizen

    It can help

  2. WA Shenker WA Shenker

    I need help

  3. Phuti Phuti

    Can I use on my family member?

    • Yes, the information will be helpful for family members 🙂

  4. Sandra Bester Sandra Bester

    why can’t you inject byetta after a meal? If you forgot to inject prior eating what must you do.

    • Hi Sandra,
      Unfortunately we aren’t medical specialists so can’t advise on medication – can you ask your doctor? Sorry we can’t help!

      • Kobus Steyn Kobus Steyn

        Hi there, I actually don’t have a doctor to ask is there anyone on the group that can help in any way or refer us to please, I have the same question as Sarah. We are all human and forgot very seldom to inject before a meal, would like to know what I can do if that is the case?

        • Hi Kobus and Sarah!
          I asked one of the doctors on our Panel of Experts and she said:
          MIMS (the Monthly Index of Medical Specialities – a pharmaceutical prescribing reference guide) says 1 hour pre meal. If you’ve forgotten your dose, skip it for the whole day or until your next meal (depending what time of day you take it). Hope that makes sense?

  5. Sunita Weston Sunita Weston

    My housemate is type 1 diabetic and used last of his pen last night. He usually goes to the clinic but obviously they are closed today which only spells disaster. We reside near N1 City, Goodwood, Cape Town. Any advice please where i can urgently buy a pen for him. He does not manage it very well with his sweet tooth and i suspect his count is way over 30 again, as i observe everything as a rule to make sure nothing happens to him. Please help

    • Hi Sunita!
      Hope your housemate is okay? You can buy insulin from any pharmacy, but only with a prescription… He’s lucky to have you as his housemate!

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