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Issue 20 of Sweet Life diabetes magazine

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Happy National Diabetes Month! Here’s your diabetes magazine.

Welcome to the 20th issue of Sweet Life diabetes magazine. I love November because it’s the one month a year that the whole country wants to talk about diabetes – one of my favourite things to talk about… But this month is particularly exciting for us.

That’s because it marks five years of Sweet Life diabetes magazine – and our 20th issue! Back when we started Sweet Life in 2011, we never would have imagined we could reach so many diabetics in South Africa, or make a difference in so many lives… It’s all thanks to you, our readers, that we’ve been able to do that: thank you for being part of our community.

To celebrate our 20th issue, we’re looking back at all the inspiring stories we’ve featured over the years. It’s been such a treat for me to revisit our cover stars and catch up with them, and to see where their lives have taken them over the years. The result is a collector’s issue full of inspiration – for those days when it feels like diabetes is a difficult burden to bear.

Of course, Christmas and the holidays are also just around the corner, and with them comes all kinds of temptation, along with the celebrations. Everything in moderation is our motto!

From all of us at Sweet Life diabetes magazine, we’d like to wish you a happy, healthy festive season and a wonderful new year.

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Sweet Life Magazine

PS: Read all our past issues of Sweet Life online here. And join us on Diabetic South Africans. Happy reading!

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