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Get your free 2021 Diabetes Journal

Together with Abbott Diabetes Care and FreeStyle Libre, we’ve created a beautiful 2021 Diabetes Journal. It’s aimed specifically at those living with Type 1 diabetes, and covers all the motivation and advice you need to live a happy, healthy life with diabetes. Here’s a taste of what it looks like!

Get your free 2021 Diabetes Journal!

If you would like a free Diabetes Journal to be sent to you, simply email us and we’ll send you one, while stocks last.

Terms and conditions

  • By emailing this request I agree to receive a Type 1 2021 Diabetes Journal. I also agree to supply a physical address where the journal can be delivered between 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Please note that no FreeStyle Libre sensors or FreeStyle Libre readers will be issued as this is a medical device and can only be prescribed based on your healthcare professional’s recommendation.
  • By requesting this journal you agree to Abbott’s privacy policy and you agree to receive information about our products and services.
  • You also agree to sign up for Sweet Life’s monthly newsletter, from which you can unsubscribe at any point.

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What to read next
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  1. Sonja Sonja

    Why not one for diebetic 2 too please

    • Type 2 diabetics can also sign up for one, there are just some elements that are specifically Type 1 (taking insulin immediately etc). You’re welcome to get one!

      • Pauline Pauline

        I think it’s a nice idea and I’m sure it will still be useful for type 2 diabetic like myself.

        • Thanks Pauline! You’re welcome to get one as a Type 2 🙂

What do you think?

Sweet Life is a registered NPO/PBO (220-984) with a single goal: to improve diabetes in South Africa. We are funded by sponsorships and donations from aligned companies and organisations who believe in our work. We only share information that we believe benefits our community. While some of this information is linked to specific brands, it is not an official endorsement of that brand. We believe in empowering people with diabetes to make the best decisions they can, to live a healthy, happy life with diabetes.