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What does a Diabetic South African look like? We’ve just started asking that question, and encouraging people to submit videos introducing themselves, what kind of diabetes they’re living with, and what that life is like.

Each person with diabetes is unique

That’s why I love the Sanofi #DiabetesYourType campaign: it’s all about how each person is unique and each life is different. We may both have Type 1 diabetes, you may both have Type 2 diabetes, but our experiences of living with Type 1 or Type 2 are completely different. Sanofi believes in personalisation: ensuring treatment is based on individual needs. I love their focus on advancing knowledge and taking action for individualised care. That means the way I’m treated for diabetes isn’t the way you’re treated, because we’re different people.

#DiabetesYourType Manifesto

Take a look at this video of Howza Mosese, South African musician and TV star, talking about living with diabetes.

Diabetes. Howza’s Type.

Diabetes. Onthatile’s Type.

And here’s South African schoolgirl Onthatile explaining how diabetes impacts her life.

Diabetes. Menzi’s Type.

Here’s Menzi’s story of living life with diabetes (and kidney failure).

Diabetes. Bridget’s Type.

And here’s my diabetes diagnosis story, and how it changed my life.

Help us show what diabetic South Africans look like

Do you want to share your story? Send us a video, or write your story and send it in with a photo. Tell us about life with diabetes – your life with diabetes. How do you manage your condition? How were you diagnosed and what’s changed since then? The videos can be short – less than a minute long – and recorded at home or work. We want to show what life with diabetes in South Africa is really like – what #DiabetesYourType looks like.

You can upload your stories to the Diabetic South Africans Facebook page, email them to us, or just share on social media using the hashtag #DiabetesYourType.