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Free Diabetes Cookbook

Delicious diabetes recipes

Together with Pick n Pay, we’ve designed a cookbook specifically for people with diabetes who want ideas for every meal of the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and treats – there’s something for everyone!

free diabetes cookbook

Healthy meals

Get nutritional advice on how to build balanced meals, and delicious recipes the whole family will enjoy – whether or not they have diabetes. Download your free copy (click on Download below) or read it online.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Why we published a diabetes cookbook

For more helpful diabetes advice and tips on every part of living well with diabetes, check out our community blog. You’ll find articles from our community, dietician tips, exercise ideas and all kinds of ways to live a happy, healthy life with diabetes.

We have always wanted to publish a Sweet Life diabetes cookbook, and we’re so happy we finally have one to share. Just because you’re diabetic, doesn’t mean you have to eat boring food. The recipes in this diabetes cookbook are so delicious that the whole family will want to eat them. And, after all, there’s no such thing as a diabetic diet – we should all be eating this kind of food, whether or not we have diabetes.

Join our diabetes community

Let us know what you think of this diabetes cookbook, and what recipes you’d like to see in future! You can either email us or join Diabetic South Africans on Facebook.